Shedding some light on feelings of uncertainty and fear, and how to move through this to realise your dreams.

Despite humankind’s incredible progress in so many different fields, we were totally unprepared for this attack on our health and wellbeing. We thought we were invincible and that we could continue on our chosen path forever. The time has come for us to acknowledge that the world is an unstable place, we are not in charge and we don’t know everything.

Since humankind’s real priorities and vulnerabilities have now been exposed, the best thing we can do, is to arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding. 

” Knowledge has the power to bolster us when we’re facing the fear of certain uncertainty. When we tap into what we know, we tap into hidden strengths and new skills that can help us overcome our obstacles and find a new path to our destinies. 

Even when we’re scared, or facing a tomorrow we can’t imagine, there is power in knowing ourselves and knowing that creating a beautiful life means being proactive, despite the odds being stacked against us.”

” The longer you allow fear and uncertainty to control your life, the bleaker it will become.” When we cling to our fears, we create even more and soon prevent ourselves from taking the action we need to thrive and flourish. 

Uncertainty destroys our sense of self. When we anticipate things going wrong, the situation often feels much worse than it actually is. Fear exaggerates everything and prevents us from being creative and innovative. 

We have a choice. We can either allow uncertainty to keep us awake at night, or we can use it it as a catalyst to motivate us to embrace this adventure called living.

” A mind that lives in fear is a dead mind, is a dull mind; it is a mind that cannot look, see or hear clearly or directly. So it is very important to understand one’s relationship with others, with society and with everything, to be totally free of fear.” 

Question your fear and search for its root cause. Examine it closely, rather than trying to suppress or run away from it.  We need to understand fear to be completely free of it. Sometimes, the very act of identifying it, reduces its enormity. We can only do that, when we have been brave enough to eliminate all possible ways in which to escape from it, and when we’re finally courageous enough to ride that seemingly daunting wave.

Our minds loathe ambiguity and drive us in search of anything that will provide us with some form of certainty. So how can we cope in the meantime, while everything around us seems to be built on such shaky ground? 

Release your fear and self-doubt. Invest in yourself.  The best resource that you have right now, is YOU. By underinvesting in our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, we overlook some of our most valuable assets. 

Know your values and work your strengths. Have a plan in this chaos called Life.

Redesign your thoughts and let go of any limiting ideas and beliefs. Change your default setting from “same old” to “new and different.” 

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with that insecurity is the only security that is available to us. Build your resilience by stepping up the quality of your self-care and sharpening your coping skills. Listen to your life. Take nothing for granted and replace assumptions and expectations with plans that can be changed. “There is little in this world that we can control outside of ourselves.”

The journey of our lives is about allowing the mystery to unfold. True joy and peace of mind come from embracing that mystery, seeing the miracles in our day to day existence and loving and appreciating all of them. Our mindset, that ability to have an open mind and an open heart, will set us free.

“The world owes you nothing, but you owe yourself everything.”  

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