As a prospective client, it is helpful to learn more about Dr Kathleen & Team by hearing what others have to say. We’re grateful to be able to post testimonials from some of our clients, and below you will find some of those stories.

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Amanda Duke

I had been experiencing women’s health issues for approx. 10 years which reached a pivotal point towards the end of 2017. I had completely lost faith in...

Corinne Mendez

A few words to keep you informed of the evolution of my health and to thank you again for your kindness and your...


Thank you very much for today. Whilst I love reading about health and wellness I feel like I am finally on the right path...


Thanks again for all your help so far! It's amazing to see how far I've come in the last few months especially being able to work 6 days a week.

Elliot Brooks

My life is definitely better because of you so, thanks! Your work is amazing.

Ling Zhou

Since being under the care of Dr Kathleen over the past 4 months I have experienced a major improvement in my overall health. I was suffering from muscle and joint pain, fatigue, headaches and lung issues. Now I have plenty of energy, I sleep better and most of the other issues have improved a lot. Thanks to Dr Kathleen.

Audrey & Ken Wells

We are both feeling great and a big part of this is due to Dr Kathleen, so thank you.

Ali Brenton-Rule

I believe there is going to be more of a need for people to seek the expertise of people like Dr Kathleen with time and what I like about her is that she is real, her book is so easy to read and even her consultation is easy. When people hear Dr Kathleen on the radio that is who they want the consultation with.


Thank you also for your advice and care, while I only had the one appointment with you, your support has been integral in the progress I have made since the beginning of the year. I am well and feel better than I have in years when I am doing everything right!! so I am working on more consistency with all the changes I have made throughout the year.

Anonymous Client

I had been feeling unwell for two to three years, but was getting no help from my GP, so I decided I needed to find someone who would listen to me and find solutions. Dr Kathleen and her team have been the perfect fit. She recommended tests which have given me a result. I have been following the Kereru programme along with the supplement program from which I am already benefiting after just five weeks.
I found Paula always helpful and with her guidance I have learned new dietary habits that have changed the way I think about food.

Jonathan Cook, Sports Journalist, Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Michelle, I am beyond impressed with your vision and purpose. You are contributing towards making the world a better place. In this particular time of chaos and uncertainty in the 21st century, so many of us need to find space for ourselves and harmony within. I commend you, Michelle, for your professionalism combined with genuine heartfelt work.