All consultations are remote (not in-person).
Please know, your health concerns are paramount to our quest for solutions to your wellbeing. You will have access to all functional testing and supplies as required if residing in New Zealand, while comparable tests and supplies (if available) will be recommended if overseas. Appointments available remotely are Zoom or telephone. Please note our booking calendar reflects standard New Zealand standard date/time format so please adjust to your date/time if overseas. To convert the time and date if overseas, enter in Auckland, New Zealand and your city and country in this converter. If you need assistance with booking in remotely, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Thanks again for all your help so far! It's amazing to see how far I've come in the last few months especially being able to work 6 days a week.


My life is definitely better because of you so, thanks! Your work is amazing.

Elliot Brooks

Since being under the care of Dr Kathleen over the past 4 months I have experienced a major improvement in my overall health. I was suffering from muscle and joint pain, fatigue, headaches and lung issues. Now I have plenty of energy, I sleep better and most of the other issues have improved a lot. Thanks to Dr Kathleen.

Ling Zhou

We are both feeling great and a big part of this is due to Dr Kathleen, so thank you.

Audrey & Ken Wells

After years of feeling so tired, ugh, I have finally kicked my chronic exhaustion to the curb. Dr Kathleen got me back on track and I have never felt better. Thank you so much.

Jody Murray

I believe there is going to be more of a need for people to seek the expertise of people like Dr Kathleen with time and what I like about her is that she is real, her book is so easy to read and even her consultation is easy. When people hear Dr Kathleen on the radio that is who they want the consultation with.

Ali Brenton-Rule

Thank you also for your advice and care, while I only had the one appointment with you, your support has been integral in the progress I have made since the beginning of the year. I am well and feel better than I have in years when I am doing everything right!! so I am working on more consistency with all the changes I have made throughout the year.