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While we work with people of all ages and stages of life, our true passion is empowering women on the verge of burnout to bring back balance to their bodies and their life. As a mature, experienced all-woman team of healthcare professionals that have been there ourselves, we want every woman to feel sexy and strong at 40 and beyond.

Our philosophy

We want to encourage you to take a more holistic approach to your health and wellness and we are here to support and help you all the way along that journey.

We like to think that our clients see us as their healthcare partners and as we get to know the whole person, we aim to provide exceptional, compassionate, personalised care for every client. During this process, we will provide you with the tools to help you to implement meaningful wellness changes.

Along the way, we will work with you closely through consultation. We will listen carefully to your health history and your health concerns to support you and provide high-quality natural alternatives to conventional medicines, but we are also very happy to work alongside your existing primary health provider and your conventional medicine regimes at your discretion.

Because we understand that true wellness may involve more than one aspect of healing, we are very proud to be able through our diverse range of experienced practitioners a full range of care including nutrition consultations, mind & mental health awareness, Pilates & functional movement as well as in-depth naturopathic and functional medicine consultations.

We truly believe in a holistic model where all aspects of healing are important for optimal health outcomes.

Common health concerns

Our clients usually visit with symptoms that have either not been addressed by another practitioner or that have been addressed using only one approach. We identify the complex connections between physical symptoms, underlying risk factors, and emotional triggers. A careful analysis of the interplay of these factors often leads to the identification of several root causes. Once these causes have been addressed, the pieces of the puzzle usually come together. 

Common concerns include:

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Our specialist services

Practitioner: Paula Southworth