Resolute and Resilient Message from our Mind/Body Consultant Michelle Bexiga:

Be an effective leader of yourself, your family, your friends, your colleagues and your community by knowing your values and living according to them. This world needs role models of a different kind.

Please choose from the following or create your own ways in which to make a difference:

1. Express your appreciation to someone who regularly makes your life easier and more comfortable.

2. Go through all your possessions. Donate items that you no longer need or want to an organisation of your choice. Notice how making space in your home and practicing kindness makes you feel.

3. Keep some non-perishable items in your car so that when you see someone in need, you can give that person something to eat and something to drink.

May you remain healthy and thrive as you explore new ways in which to build your resilience during this challenging period in human history. 

Would you like further coaching around your life and belief patterns?  Feel free to book in for an initial consultation with Michelle on Zoom here:  This will challenge your perceptions, potential issues you are carrying that affect your wellbeing or the states of those you love for true healing.

Michelle Bexiga
Mind/Body Consultant