Here are 3 tips for improving self-esteem:

1. Step outside your comfort zone – Often, we create invisible boxes around ourselves, ones we feel very safe in. We stay close to the people we know, eat the same food, visit the same places. However, confidence is all about being comfortable in your own skin, not dependent on your situation. By socializing with someone you don’t know well, or visiting a new restaurant, you prove to yourself that you can be okay no matter the circumstance.

2. Stand up straight – It might sound silly, but posture is very important for your self-image. The way you carry yourself when you feel relaxed and comfortable differs greatly from the hunchback that emerges when you’re faced with public speaking or mingling. Next time you feel nervous or awkward, try straightening out your spine, it might change your entire perspective.

3. Have a little compassion – Be kind to yourself. Instead of setting perfection as a goal, try for improvement. Stop viewing mistakes as failures, things to be avoided at all costs, but rather opportunities for learning. When you stop restricting yourself, is when you are truly free. If you are worried about appearing a certain way or making a certain impression, you will come off as disingenuous. Self-love is the greatest key to self-confidence.

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Michelle Bexiga
Mind/Body Consultant