What ‘Diet’ is Right for You

Well…that depends. It depends on age, gender, how active you are, and any medical issues you may have:

  • is your thyroid not working properly?
  • do you have issues with blood sugar regulation?
  • have you had your gallbladder removed?
  • do you have any food allergies?
  • do you struggle with IBS?
  • do you have diabetes? etc.

A low-carb diet may suit some & not others, the same goes for many of the ‘diets’ out there – ketogenic, Atkins, low fat, low carb and so it goes, the list is endless. They can all be successful for some people in the short term, but often it is difficult to make long-term, permanent changes. Just as much as ‘get rich quick’ schemes don’t work, nor do ‘quick weight loss diets’, at least not in the long term.

For long-term success, we really need to

  • change our habits
  • learn what works best for our bodies
  • get some sound nutrition information behind us
  • get an appropriately qualified nutritionist to help facilitate these things.

Some basic principles would be to ensure that most of what you eat are unprocessed, whole foods. Drink WATER! I can’t emphasise that enough, we are roughly 60% water and it’s critical for so many of the processes that occur in our bodies. Move regularly, and do something you really enjoy, so that you do it often. Our bodies were designed to move.

There is so much more than just weight loss to consider. Health is a long-term investment that pays dividends immediately and in the future. When we put a priority on our health, the results show up in many ways – increased energy levels, great skin, healthy immune system, bones, teeth, heart, liver, kidneys, muscles and more. It’s about re-organising our priorities which puts value on the things we value most and learning how to develop new habits to achieve our goals.

If you would like help with creating new habits and planning a nutritious way of eating for you, contact Dr Kathleen & Team for an appointment. Paula is a registered nutritionist so some private health insurance plans cover her fee, please check with your policy provider.

Paula Southworth
Registered Nutritionist (NZ) & Health Coach
(BSc Nutrition and Sports Science)
Member of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand

Learn more about Paula: http://www.drkathleen.co.nz/team/paula/