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Hi, I'm Chantel

Qualified Naturopath and Integrative Health Coach

I am a qualified naturopath and integrative health coach with a special interest in women’s health and healthy ageing. Like Dr Kathleen, I enjoy using functional pathology testing to investigate underlying biochemical factors that could potentially be contributing to health concerns. I have a passion for the endless quest for learning, currently in the naturopathic and functional health fields while keeping current with my previous qualification in law.

Life runs at a rapid pace for me, with the keen pursuit of my career interests while balancing family life.

I am the Director and board member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, the longest-running natural medicine association in Australia.

I am also a qualified business lawyer; having left the corporate world in 2015, I started my own legal consulting firm and founded Legally Healthy to educate and assist health practitioners in understanding their legal obligations while also advancing my education in natural health. I have lived and worked in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth and now service clients remotely from my hometown Perth, Australia.

After many years living on the east coast of Australia, I returned to my roots of bushland and nature, residing in the hills of Perth, Western Australia. In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, going for walks, exploring nature, travelling, wine tasting, reading novels, and spending time with my two dogs, young son, and husband.

“I strive for balance, but most of the time settle for some form of workable chaos”.


  • Accredited Practitioner of the Traditional Medicine Society of Australia
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy from Nature Care College (Sydney)
  • Health Coaching Certification from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition (New York)
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons) in 2006 from Murdoch University (Perth). I started my legal career working in top-tier law firms in both Perth and Melbourne, working primarily in Commercial Property.

Balance with Chantel Ryan

Bring balance back to your body and your life. This package is all about getting to the bottom of those health issues and supporting you back to better health and wellbeing.

Do you have gut issues, suffer from hormonal imbalance, fatigue & sleep issues?

If you have suffered with ongoing poor health for some time or just generally not feeling your amazing self but not sure what the issues are? Then we have got you covered.

Our naturopathic practitioner Chantel Ryan is here to help with a comprehensive consultation and testing process. She will go over your health history as well as your main health concerns.

Included in this package is an Organic Acids Metabolomic test which is an in-depth nutritional test that looks at the body’s cellular metabolic processing and identifies blocks. This, along with the consultation process allows Chantel to maximise client responses and improve our client health outcomes. All of this is put together for you in a very comprehensive wellness programme that will include some supplementation as well as dietary & lifestyle changes, but Chantel will go over all of this with you and support you along the way to make sure that you are feeling comfortable and excited to be on the road to better health and feeling great.

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12 Week Programme


3 x 1 hour consultations

An initial consultation, plus an Organic Acids metabolomic test

A consultation for test results & your tailor-made wellness programme

A follow up consultation at the end of the programme 

You will also receive a $75 credit voucher to use towards supplementation or extra testing

Added bonuses:

  • Two guided meditation recordings by Dr Kathleen (Functional Health Practitioner and Yoga Alliance certified meditation coach).
  • Three healthy cooking class recordings by Paula Southworth (Registered Nutritionist & Health Coach)

  • One Yin Yoga session recording by Dr Kathleen (Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher)