Vitamin D, 25 OH & 1-25 OH (codes 1115 + 1117)

Vitamin D test analyses total Vitamin D, Vitamin D2 and D3. The metabolite 25-hydroxyvitamin D is the major circulating form of Vitamin D in the body and the best indicator of a patient’s true vitamin status. Vitamin D is essential for the formation, growth, and repair of bones. Vitamin D is necessary for normal calcium absorption and immune function, maintaining the balance of calcium and phosphorus for bone mineralisation. Vitamin D plays a role in regulation of cell proliferation, cell differentiation and angiogenesis. It also improves muscle strength and helps reduce inflammation.

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased risk for many common and serious diseases, including some common cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

The likelihood of vitamin D insufficiency is increased in malabsorption syndromes, ageing (elderly individuals have a reduced capacity for vitamin D3 formation), darker skin (higher concentrations of melanin reduce efficiency in vitamin D3 production), obesity (fat-soluble vitamin D is stored in adipose, which reduces bioavailability), and minimal sun exposure, such as in winter or at more northern latitudes.
Please note this is a blood draw sample that will be analysed in Nutripath Laboratory based in Australia, so may typically take 3-4 weeks for results turnaround to Dr Kathleen. A 1 hour first consultation is required for this test order. Please read preparation instructions carefully, and contact Nutrisearch, based in New Zealand, for any questions about taking the test: 0800 88 44 33.



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Vitamin D, 25 OH & 1-25 OH (codes 1115 + 1117)

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