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As an informed person, you understand that evaluating your nutrition is important. You know that the foods you eat affect your health. Conversely, the things you do not consume but perhaps need may also have a tremendous impact on your body.

That’s why many people take vitamins and supplements – to feel better and prevent disease. While this practice can be beneficial, many variables exist. It is important to understand which supplements are right for your body, your lifestyle, and your circumstances, thus ensuring your unique needs are met without wasting money on items that could be unnecessary or even harmful.

The Optimal Nutritional Evaluation (ONE) metabolic testing will help you understand your individual diet and supplementation needs. This panel includes key organic acids to evaluate the gastrointestinal function and functional needs for vitamins, minerals, and co-factors. In addition, amino acids are measured to assess digestion, absorption, metabolic impairments, and nutritional deficits. Anti-oxidant reserves and the presence of oxidative injury are analyzed.


What’s Being Tested:

    • Amino acids are integral to healthy body chemistry. They serve as the body’s basic building blocks and are responsible for the production of bone and muscle. Balance is critical for proper nerve function, metabolism, detoxification, and digestion. When certain amino acids are too high or low, they can cause fatigue, increase cardiovascular risk, and impair mood and cognitive function. Once identified, imbalances can be corrected, helping to prevent many chronic illnesses before they can cause severe and lasting damage.
    • Minerals in our body serve two functions: one being that they are the building blocks, the second being that they are regulators of our body’s processes. Many of these minerals are derived from the diet, and sometimes minerals are added to the diet as supplements. Some minerals can even be toxic. Magnesium, copper, and manganese are beneficial. If proper amounts are not obtained, problems such as joint pain, weight problems, depressed libido, depression, or anxiety can occur. On the other hand, exposure to mercury, lead, arsenic, or other heavy metals can be harmful, causing fatigue, emotional disturbances, and even renal failure. Laboratory testing can provide valuable information about your health.
    • Antioxidants are protective molecules that reduce free radical damage or oxidative stress. Free radicals are naturally occurring compounds in our body that can cause severe injury to cells. Low levels of antioxidants lessen your protection from these harmful compounds. Antioxidants are essential for the body’s ability to protect against free radicals, and for the healthy function of the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. Oxidative stress is linked to premature aging, heart disease, neurological diseases, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Lab tests can assess the equilibrium between oxidative stress and antioxidant protection.

Important Note:

  • The test kit is mailed via Royal Mail. If you prefer DHL, please send an email to
  • See the detailed test preparations.
  • READ: These tests are available for European countries only.


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Metabolomix+ (Optimal Nutritional Evaluation) | Genova Europe