IgA + IgG General Foods, Blood Spot US Biotek (code 3217)

IgA immunoglobulins occur in our mucus membranes and helps us to ward off bacteria and viruses. IgA increases in response to foods when the foods we eat cause inflammation, and in response to stress from our environment and consumed food and drink.
IgG Reactions

An IgG reaction to food proteins suggests sensitivity related to immune cell reaction. Repeated exposure, inflammation, and immune reactivity contribute to sensitivity and elevated IgG in response to food proteins.

IgA and IgG reactions are known as delayed response reactions, that include food sensitivities, where IgE responses are immediate and are considered a true food allergy. Please note that this test does not pick up on IgE reactions which are true allergies to foods, this picks up on food sensitivities.

IgA and IgG reactions may not happen immediately, but can take hours to days to show up in your skin or intestines, and cause symptoms related to inflammation like headaches, fatigue, brain fog, or joint pain. People with food intolerance may experience digestive upset or skin complaints.

This may be useful when an elimination diet conducted alongside a trained health professional hasn’t been beneficial.

Please note this is a blood spot sample you collect at home, that will be analysed in Biotek based in the USA, so may typically take 3-4 weeks for results turnaround to Dr Kathleen.  A 1 hour first consultation is required for this test order. Please read preparation instructions carefully, and contact Nutrisearch, based in New Zealand, for any questions about taking the test: 0800 88 44 33.



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IgA + IgG General Foods, Blood Spot US Biotek (code 3217)

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