Alcat Comprehensive Wellness 2 Test


What’s Being Tested:

Food Panel

Acorn Squash Almond Amaranth Anchovy Apple Apricot
Artichoke Asparagus Avocado Baker’s Yeast Banana Barley
Basil Bay Leaf Beef Bell Pepper Mix (green red yellow and orange peppers)
Blackberry Black Beans Black Currant Black Pepper Black-Eyed Pea Blueberry
Bok Choy Brazil Nut Brewer’s Yeast Broccoli Brussels Sprout Buckwheat
Buffalo Butternut Squash Cabbage Candida Albicans Cane Sugar Canola Oil
Cantaloupe Caraway Cardamom Carob Carrot Casein
Cashew Catfish Cauliflower Cayenne Pepper Celery Chamomile
Cherry Chicken Chicken Liver Chickpea Chili Pepper Cinnamon
Clam Clove Cocoa Coconut Codfish Coffee
Coriander Corn Cottonseed Cow’s Milk Crab Cranberry
Cucumber Cumin Date Dill Duck Egg White
Egg Yolk Eggplant Endive Fava Bean Fennel Fig
Flaxseed Flounder Fructose Garlic Ginger Gluten/Gliadin
Goat’s Milk Grape Grapefruit Green Pea Haddock Halibut
Hazelnut Honey Honeydew Melon Hops Iceberg Lettuce Jalapeno Pepper
Kale Kelp Kidney Bean Kiwi Lamb Leaf Lettuce
Lemon Leek Lentil Bean Licorice Lima Bean Lime
Lobster Macadamia Nut Mackerel Mahi Mahi Malt

Food Additives/Coloring

Benzoic Acid
Blue #1
Blue #2
Butylated Hydroxy Anisole (BHA)
Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT)
Green #3
Polysorbate 80
Potassium Nitrate
Red #1 & Red #40
Sodium Sulfite
Sorbic Acid
Yellow #5 & Yellow #6


Specimen Type: Blood, Alcat Test Kit (Draw Location | How It Works | FAQs)

Turnaround Time: 7-10 business days


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Alcat Comprehensive Wellness 2 Test

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