Please note, a $150.00 (NZD) test interpretation/admin/processing fee applies for up to three tests.

To view a list of all tests available to clients in the United States, please click here

Welcome to Dr Kathleen and Team Global Consulting test kit page.

We are team of multi-functional natural practitioners based in New Zealand, but because we operate completely remotely, we can provide a full range of functional pathology testing in several overseas countries.

Our aim is to provide professional, compassionate, personalised natural health and wellness care.

Along with our pathology testing, we offer an in-depth consultation process by either zoom or phone as well as being able to supply high-quality practitioner only supplements.  

You are welcome to order test kits online through our website and we offer After Pay payment plan options. However, as part of our duty of care and practice policy a consultation is required to be booked to discuss the test results with one of our functional naturopathic practitioners.

Each test is designed to address relevant underlying functional health imbalances, so as to proactively support and manage a whole-body approach to wellness.  

A playlist of videos explaining each test, and sample reports for each of the tests is available. Link to download a sample report is in the description for each video. Click here.

Test results can take up to 5 weeks to become available. We thank you for your patience while this process takes place.

If you have chosen to purchase test kits online before an initial consultation, please be aware that during the consultation process where your results are discussed, your practitioner may feel it beneficial to recommend further testing.

Your functional naturopathic practitioner at Dr Kathleen & Team will interpret your results and these are discussed in a one-hour consultation. A customised wellness program that will be specifically tailored to your need is also provided at this time. This typically includes recommendations for high-quality supplementation, diet, movement, and lifestyle.

All test kits purchases are non-refundable once your specimen has been received for testing.

If you cancel your order prior to your specimen being received for testing a $50 administration fee will apply.

Feel free to take a good look around as the various test options contain a description, a sample report, and a video clip when available with Dr Kathleen discussing the specific test to help you understand what is being recommended to you.

Please get in touch via email at reception@drkathleen.co.nz or call our office on +64 9 9730070 if you have any questions regarding our testing or consultation process.

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