Test Kits

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We have partnered with Nutrisearch to bring you these specialised tests.

Each is designed to address relevant underlying functional health imbalances, so as to proactively support and manage a whole body approach to wellness.
Please feel free to contact us if you require guidance with test selection or visit our FAQ page for help. Test results can take up to 5 weeks to become available, as they are shipped and analysed overseas.  We thank you for your patience.

There are multiple ways to order tests:

  • Prior to booking your consultation online (for those that know which test or tests they would like)
  • At the time of consultation; where Dr Kathleen will discuss options with you
  • Post consultation if you are unable to decide at the time of consultation, or if testing is not recommended or opted for

As Dr Kathleen will interpret your results as part of the initial consultation fee, there are no additional charges regardless of which option you may choose (with the exception of the Fitgenes test which requires a 1-hour consultation independent of any other consultation already paid for).

All test kits purchases are non-refundable once your specimen has been received for testing.
If you cancel your order prior to your specimen being received for testing a $50 administration fee will apply.

Feel free to take a good look around as the various test options contain a description, a sample report and a video clip with Dr Kathleen discussing the specific test to help you understand and choose a test(s) that may be right for you.

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