The Science Behind Peace of Mind.

I was literally ‘hooked’ the first time I sat back, closed my eyes, and said my little message to myself of ‘deeply relax’ while breathing and grasping each individual bead. Within minutes, I felt my anxieties and heaviness lift to a feeling of lightness and positivity.
What amazed me was I have tried to meditate with music, silence, nature and with apps, but found my mind drifting off into random thoughts, making it hard to stick to a meditative peaceful state.

While meditation has been practiced by religions all over the world for centuries, it has now become mainstream mindfulness practice, even promoted in corporations for employee benefit. It is now in the realm of anyone who wishes to practice, regardless of their religious or non-religious background. Learning to relax your body using your mind has become a powerful tool for relaxation.
The practice of mala bead meditation involves holding onto a circle of beads with each bead being able to be gently pushed along the string with your fingers. Gripping each bead for a few seconds means that a circle of beads may only take 5 minutes to complete the circle.

I find it most beneficial to use them on rising to prepare myself for the day and before going to sleep to settle my mind and body for a restful night.

The science behind the practice of meditation supports benefits for concentration, relaxation and more. You may wish to practice for any of the following reasons:

Need a mood boost?

Meditation promotes a feeling of grounded wellbeing and happiness. The peace we feel inside with daily practice may promote an overall improved sense of wellbeing.

Have a day of detail oriented tasks?

Meditation helps focus: research supports that meditation may improve focus and attention to detail.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Meditation can dramatically reduce stress levels and reduce anxious thoughts. People who meditate regularly often report feeling less overwhelmed by everyday life.

Need some pain relief?

Regular meditation may be as effective as common over the counter pain relief support in relieving minor pain in the body according to recent research.

Is your heart or blood pressure needing some support?

Meditation may reduce the risk of heart diseases and improves cardiovascular health.

Watch my video to learn more about how to use Mala beads effectively for meditation, and for even greater effect, close your eyes during the practice.