How to Break the Chains of Feeling Trapped

By Dr Kathleen & Team’s Mind/Body Consultant Michelle Bexiga

Feeling trapped can make us feel very despondent. It feels as if the world is against us and that nothing is working out. It’s as if we’re being confronted with an insurmountable and impenetrable prison wall.

How do we move beyond this feeling and set ourselves free? Go for a walk. Notice how you feel on your return. When we step outside, away from our supposedly indispensable devices, we feel refreshed. We might even feel a resurgence of our dormant and usually under-utilised inner resources, such as hope and courage.

Most people get stuck because they lack clarity. Start asking yourself questions about the various areas of your life. Write down all the things for which you are grateful, make a list of what you enjoy doing and start doing them. Embark on a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Prioritise growth. Growth is the pulsating force of life. Start brainstorming. Be open to new possibilities, different options and exciting solutions. Be curious, creative and willing to try new things. Let go of limiting beliefs and unrealistic expectations.

When we feel trapped, we feel all alone. Negative thoughts intensify this loneliness. When we ask for help, we begin to see and do things differently. We gain a fresh perspective. We feel supported and encouraged. Our motivation is ignited.

When we act consistently and focus on our own personal growth, we create an environment in which the quality of life we desire, flourishes. When we break the chains of a trapped mindset, we open the door to our freedom and infinite potential.

Introduce new changes gradually. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Choose to balance your life rather than taking on too much. Be discerning. Look for patterns in your behaviour and then decide to do things differently. Notice when you’re trying to fill a gap or avoid something. Sharpen your awareness. In this way, your life will become meaningful rather than monotonous, boring and unfulfilling.

Take ownership of your life. Boost your confidence by courageously challenging your fears and doubts. Pursue growth. Seek enjoyment. Create bliss and build lasting memories.

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