FAQ – Test Kits

How long will the test results take?

Because we need time to have the results sent back to us we advise booking 5 weeks ahead (from the time the lab receives your specimen) to allow for test results to be returned to us.

Do I have to have a consultation?

Yes. A consultation with one of our functional naturopathic practitioners is required, to discuss and translate the test results, alongside reviewing your general health and wellbeing. This can be completed by zoom or telephone anywhere in the world. Book here: https://drkathleen.co.nz/consultation/appointment/

Is there an ideal time to book a consulation?

Because we need time to have the results sent back to us we advise booking 5 weeks ahead (from the time the lab receives your specimen) to allow for test results to be returned to us.

Will my information be shared with others?

Your privacy is very important to us, however, sometimes the practitioner you are working with may feel that you would benefit from having an appointment with one of our other wonderful team members.

We will always discuss this with you first and always get your permission before passing on your information.

Who actually conducts the test?

Nutrisearch Ltd are the supply company for all our test kits in New Zealand. You can call them toll free in New Zealand on 0800 88 44 33, but as we are a global company we use several other professional laboratories for our testing services worldwide. If you are based outside of New Zealand, please feel free to contact our office on +64 9 9730070 or email reception@drkathleen.co.nz for guidance on any test kit queries you may have.

What do I end up with and how are the results translated to me?

Once we receive your test results, they will be placed under review by your functional naturopathic practitioner where they will put together a comprehensive wellness programme that is individually tailored to your specific health requirements. This will then be emailed to you along with your test results just before your appointment so you will be able to discuss them at your allotted consultation time.

Who do you contact for any technical questions about my test?

Please refer any technical questions you have regarding taking a test sample or about the test kit components to our client care and operations manager at reception@drkathleen.co.nz.

Alternatively, you may call the office on +64 9 9730070

What are the maximum amount of tests you can take?

3 – please contact us if you wish to purchase more than 3 tests online, or have any queries about which tests in general may be appropriate for your needs.

Please note: If ordering a Fitgenes Health and Wellness Genetics Profile, this requires a full 1-hour consultation. i.e. you cannot add another test if purchasing this test. Once you have met with Dr Kathleen she can discuss any additional testing needs.

I’ve booked a Zoom or telephone consultation

If you have booked a zoom consultation, you will be emailed the zoom link 48 hours before your appointment date.

If you have booked a phone consultation, please make sure that you have provided us with an active and correct phone number at the time of booking your consultation.

What are delivery timeframes

Delivery times for your test kit(s) to arrive at your address are estimated at 2-3 business days from date of order.

Do you ship to other countries?

As a global company we are able to ship to several overseas countries or we will be able to provide shipment directly to you via our overseas suppliers in your area.

Freight costs and shipping times will vary depending on your location.

FAQ – Consultations

How do I book a consultation?

All of our practitioners operate remotely but you can book a zoom or phone consultation via the link listed below or alternatively, you are welcome to phone the office at +64 9 9730070

Book here: https://drkathleen.co.nz/consultation/appointment/

I've booked online now what?

Once your appointment is confirmed – we will send you a booking confirmation via email. Contained in the booking confirmation is a link to complete the Client Information Form.
Follow this link: https://drkathleen.co.nz/consultation/client-form/
Sending this information to us ahead of your appointment provides Dr Kathleen and her office all the necessary details prior to seeing you. This provides more valuable time for you to consult with Dr Kathleen directly.

Is there anything else I need to provide?

If you have them;
Any blood test results you have from the past year that you have not provided previously to Dr Kathleen’s Practice;
Any other medical information you think will be helpful;
Information about existing supplements and medications you are currently taking;
Please refrain from wearing nail polish on the day.
All additional information pertaining to the above should be emailed to reception@drkathleen.co.nz