Animals & Humans heal each other

Animals have a way of grounding us; bringing us back to the earth’s elements, interacting with their beautiful eyes, feeling their soft warm fur and responding to their unconditional, non-judgemental love. They don’t worry about what other people think of them, they show their emotions openly and live for the moment.

Dr Kathleen and her husband Rod co-founded Om Doga™,  a New Zealand based charity, that offers doga (yoga for humans and their dogs) for special events in-person and virtually, as well as regular classes to help bring people and their pets together to benefit animal welfare causes. Lots of laughter, joy and connection with animals as well as true flexibility, strength, balance and mental focus are typical of her classes.
In addition to her naturopathic training, Dr Kathleen is a certified 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, 100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher and Doga instructor. While doga has been made popular worldwide, she is the doga pioneer in New Zealand. She demonstrates doga poses with her ‘dogis’ Samoyed ‘Jinxy’ and Japanese Spitz ‘Willow’ for dogamini and dogamax classes.
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