Fitgenes Health & Wellbeing Genetic Profile, Consultation included

NZD $749.00

A 1-hour consultation with Dr Kathleen valued at $250 is included with this product, to discuss and translate the results of this test and how it applies to your overall general health and wellbeing needs.

The future of personalised health and wellbeing is here

This simple inner cheek swab provides an in-depth analysis of the genetic variations unique to each person that affect how the body responds to what we eat, how we exercise and the way we live. These results can be translated into meaningful, tailored plans for diet, exercise and nutritional interventions to support your health long-term.  Genes analysed include those that affect: cell defence, inflammation, vitamin D receptors, methylation and homocysteine production (which are involved in mental wellbeing and energy production including both common variants of the MTHFR genetic mutation), cardiovascular health, and fat and cholesterol metabolism.

If you have 23 & me genetic results then please feel free to contact us to find out how to convert these results. 

A 1-hour consultation with Dr Kathleen, to discuss and translate the results of this test and how it applies to your overall general health and wellbeing needs, is required if a test kit is purchased. We cannot provide the results of this test without a 1-hour consultation. This can be completed by Skype, telephone (anywhere in the world including New Zealand) or in person by visiting Dr Kathleen’s Whangaparaoa Practice in New Zealand.

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