Beat Burnout

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Dr Kathleen’s Holistic Guide to Happiness!
One woman’s mission to help people beat burnout and regain health and balance in their lives.

Becoming burnt out is more common than ever as people burn the candle at both ends with many people pushing themselves to the max, eventually collapsing from share exhaustion and fatigue. Now there’s a practical, easy to follow and inspirational holistic health guide to help explain why it’s happening. It includes the pitfalls to watch out for and how a proactive approach can greatly reduce the likelihood you, or someone you love, will experience burnout.


Dr Kathleen is the doctor people turn to when ‘all else has failed’ and they’ve been given a clean bill of health by their GP and normal blood results only to continue feeling tired, rundown, irritable and unwell.

After several years consulting with patients and communicating with the public through lectures and workshops, Dr Kathleen is now on a mission to beat burnout and educate New Zealanders by using integrative, evidence-based medicine with a whole-person approach designed to treat you, not just your symptoms.

She has treated and helped successful CEOs running on an empty tank, housewives battling burnout due to hormonal changes and many more, with case studies throughout the book.

Beat Burnout reveals tips for how to be successful while also keeping physically and mentally healthy. Covering everything from an introductory self-check quiz to help readers select relevant issues to optimal nutrition, ways to naturally boost your mood and energy, how to speed up a sluggish thyroid and more. This book is a goldmine of information to help you get your mental and physical health back on track and feeling great in no time.

There is also invaluable advice for travelling professionals, including how to manage jet lag and extensive travel, how to eat well on the road and for those suffering insomnia how to effectively overcome the sleep disorder.

Beat Burnout is a must-read book packed with scientifically proven evidence-based advice but is also inspirational with meaningful quotes and images to make for an enjoyable read for everyone in your family.

“Dr Kathleen has written a book that will help every one of us trying to live and stay healthy in the stressful and toxic world of the 21st century,” says Dr Bernard Willis, MD, University of Leeds, United Kingdom and former Royal Air Force Doctor, who worked from the Optimal Wellness Centre in Epsom, Auckland.

“Burnout can be a complex condition impacting on sleep, nutrition, hormones and environmental toxins. Dr Kathleen concisely discusses all of these factors and explains how they impact on fatigue and gives the reader lots of practical advice on prevention, testing and treatment. I am delighted to recommend Dr Kathleen’s first book which will be very valuable to anyone who reads it.”