My Philosophy

My Philosophy is to encourage people to take a more holistic approach to their health and vitality rather than being limited by adopted convention that may only look at an isolated set of symptoms.

What is special about Dr Kathleen’s integrative/functional client-centred approach:
  •  I like to think my clients see me as their healthcare partner. I take considerable time (e.g. first consult is usually one hour) to understand the whole person and my aim is to provide exceptional, compassionate and personalised care of all my clients. Each client will receive post consultation notes following each consultation, with individualised advice and a plan to follow.
  • Ensure the latest and most comprehensive specialised testing is available to provide the knowledge, insight and understanding of the underlying root cause to ensure the best strategies can be adopted in recovery, prevention and optimal health.
  • I will work with you closely as a consultant and coach to look at regimes and support a holistic approach. I will listen to your history and look at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic health issues. In this way, I can support your unique expression of health and vitality.
  • I support and provide scientific evidence-based natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medications and/or work alongside your existing conventional medicine regime; It’s completely your choice.
  • True wellness may involve more than one aspect of healing. In some cases, healing takes place by accessing emotional blockages in the body and releasing associated energies. Being Reiki certified, I can work with you on this level if desired to complement your total wellness programme.
  • I can work with you on a comprehensive plan with referrals to a broad and trusted team of leading experts including medical specialists, nutritionists, fitness advisers/trainers, counsellors and evidence-based complementary therapies (such as acupuncture, osteopathy, and therapeutic massage).
  • I can also work in with and support your primary health care provider but that is up to your discretion.