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Please know, your health concerns are paramount to our quest for solutions to your wellbeing. You will have access to all functional testing and supplies as required if residing in New Zealand, while comparable tests and supplies (if available) will be recommended if overseas. Appointments available remotely are Zoom or telephone. Please note our booking calendar reflects standard New Zealand standard date/time format so please adjust to your date/time if overseas. To convert the time and date if overseas, enter in Auckland, New Zealand and your city and country in this converter. If you need assistance with booking in remotely, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Kathleen & Team’s online bookings make it super-easy for you to book one-off appointments and packages online.
Once you have confirmed a booking, you should receive a booking confirmation email within minutes. The booking confirmation contains an online link to a Client Information Form, which is required by Dr Kathleen & Team. Please include your phone number and email address in the form as this is how we will contact you for your appointment. We recommend you complete this form as soon as practical; we must receive the form at least 48 hours from your appointment.
As your appointment nears you will receive both email and text appointment reminders (provided we have both of these contact details).

Complete and submit the online Client Information Form

Once your appointment is confirmed you will need to complete and submit the online Client Information Form. As above, sending this information to us ahead of your appointment provides Kathleen & Team all the necessary details prior to seeing you. Kathleen & Team will only be able to consult with clients that have completed this form. You will be contacted to re-schedule should the form not be received on time.

Client Info Form

Please email to the practice prior to your first appointment:

  • any blood test results you have from the past year;
  • any functional/natural health test results not received from this Practice from the past year;
  • any other medical information you think will be helpful;
  • existing supplements and medications you are currently taking if not included in the Client Information Form
  • All of the above may be emailed to: and all files will be kept confidential for Dr Kathleen or other Team member to review depending on who you have selected as your practitioner.
Thank you in advance for your punctuality and patience

Please be on time, as Dr Kathleen & Team often have back to back appointments.
Being late could jeopardise your own allotted consultation time. Please call us on 09 973 0070 and leave a voicemail or email if you are running late.

Just like any other specialists, please note that our practitioners give 100% to clients and sometimes their appointments run slightly overtime, we thank you for waiting patiently; please know that they will contact you as soon as they are available to consult with you.

Please note: our practitioners are not GPs or other medical providers and as such we recommend that you maintain a relationship with your GP/primary healthcare practitioner.

We don’t treat or cure illness or disease. We look at underlying imbalances in the body by using functional pathology testing, dietary, supplement, and lifestyle approaches to help re-balance the body and encourage it to heal.

My life is definitely better because of you so, thanks! Your work is amazing.

Elliot Brooks

Since being under the care of Dr Kathleen over the past 4 months I have experienced a major improvement in my overall health. I was suffering from muscle and joint pain, fatigue, headaches and lung issues. Now I have plenty of energy, I sleep better and most of the other issues have improved a lot. Thanks to Dr Kathleen.

Ling Zhou

We are both feeling great and a big part of this is due to Dr Kathleen, so thank you.

Audrey & Ken Wells

After years of feeling so tired, ugh, I have finally kicked my chronic exhaustion to the curb. Dr Kathleen got me back on track and I have never felt better. Thank you so much.

Jody Murray

I believe there is going to be more of a need for people to seek the expertise of people like Dr Kathleen with time and what I like about her is that she is real, her book is so easy to read and even her consultation is easy. When people hear Dr Kathleen on the radio that is who they want the consultation with.

Ali Brenton-Rule

A few words to keep you informed of the evolution of my health and to thank you again for your kindness and your help.
The past 3 weeks I have been feeling much better! Almost all my symptoms disappeared and I went back to work. I attached my results and I see the specialist in early April and we will see if he has found something.
Anyway since I follow my vegan diet, gluten free, dairy and sugar-free, I see the difference. I have also begun to walk again! Thanks again.
After my appointment with the specialist, I will come to see you for a consultation, I'll bring my results around and hopefully, you'll be able to advise me on how to proceed from there. I’ve referred two friends who are sick and who should contact you very soon if it is not already done.

Corinne Mendez